At ATM San Antonio we provide a total ATM solution for any and all of your ATM requirements.  From free ATM placement to ATM sales, service, processing and repairs of ATM machines for all types of businesses including hotels, retail, nightclubs, convenience and grocery stores or other high traffic areas.  In high volume areas with over 400 transactions a month we load the cash and have a tiered pay out system that lets you do nothing except get paid every month. We know how valuable the ATM is to your business and your business to us.  ATM San Antonio placement services are designed for locations that need an ATM for high large traffic areas or a  50/50 split ATM service with out any of the headaches of owning one. In almost all cases, a high traffic location is offered a free turn key ATM placement service at no charge. In return, We will provide the location with 50% of the ATM surcharge revenue from each valid cash withdrawal from the ATM.  If you load the cash your cash withdrawals are back in your account the next morning along with your part of the surcharge.  ATM San Antonio is the owner and distributor and will be responsible for everything revolving around the ATM machine. We will pay for the ATM, ship the ATM, set up ATM processing and install the ATM  and then maintain the ATM for the life of the ATM placement. The location owner only needs to load enough cash in the machine to last a couple of days if you are loading the ATM with cash.

We also offer leasing through a third party for ATM leasing for retail businesses. Our ATM leasing program includes one year parts and labor warranty instead of the standard factory one year warranty. We offer this because of the confidence we have in the ATM machines we sell.

ATM San Antonio can offer surcharge-free ATM branding programs which allows financial institutions to expand their ATM footprint in new or existing markets without incurring the costs to purchase, install and operate the ATM network. We purchase, maintain and can provide cash vault management while the financial institution received the benefits of their bank being exposed to thousands of new customers.